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Frequently asked questions from Waynesboro Wayne County Patrons Frequently asked questions from Waynesboro Wayne County Patrons

How do I get a library card?

To obtain a library card from the Waynesboro-Wayne County Library you will need the following:

  • A valid driver's license or picture I.D. with your correct address or other identification containing a current address
  • Current local home telephone number and two more reference numbers where you may be reached
  • If you are under age 18 a parent or legal guardian must sign a parental consent form. The parent/guardian is responsible for all materials on the account.
  • Social Security number
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How much does it cost to get a library card?

The first library card is free. The first replacement card is $1.00, the next is $5.00 and the cost of each additional replacement card increases in increments of $5.00.

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Is there a charge for borrowing items from the library?

No, there is not a charge to check out items but certain items do require a $10 refundable deposit at time of checkout. Examples include GED, ASVAB and ACT test books.

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How many items may I check out & for how long?

Ten books and/or audios/magazines and five videos/DVDs may be checked out at one time per card. Books and audios check out for three weeks, videos & DVDs for three days and magazines for one week.

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What are the fines for overdue materials?

The fine for overdue books, audios & magazines is 10 cents per day up to a maximum of $6.00; fines for videos & DVDs are 30 cents per day up to a maximum of $5.00. Overdue charges do not accrue on days the library is closed. Any patron (or member of a household) with an overdue item or fine will not be allowed to check out any items or use the Computer Lab until his or her account is cleared. If materials are not returned, then the library will turn the patron's account over to Unique Management Services, a collection agency.

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What if I need my material longer?

You may renew items one time by bringing the item into the library for renewal or by requesting a renewal by calling the library at 601-735-2268 during our regular working hours.

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Where can I return my material?

You may bring your items back to the Waynesboro-Wayne County Library during our regular working hours and also for your convenience there is an outside drive-thru depository. We ask that you do not use the depository for audio and visual materials.

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What if the item I want is checked out?

Reserves may be placed on items which are checked out either in person at the Circulation Desk or by telephone.

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What if the item I have checked out is lost or damaged?

Patrons will be responsible for the full cost of lost items based on the replacement cost. The fee for damaged items will depend upon the nature and extent of the damage and will be determined by the library director. Parents/Guardians are responsible for all items checked out to their children.

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What can I do if I object to library materials?

Each patron who expresses a complaint shall be treated with respect and assured by the person who takes the complaint that the patron's concerns will be given every consideration. For more information click here to read the Waynesboro-Wayne County Library Requests for Reconsideration of Library Materials Policy.

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What type of behavior is expected of library patrons?

To read our Patron Behavior Policy click here.

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Can I call the library to speak to a patron?

Due to privacy issues, the library staff cannot allow you to speak to a patron in the library. The staff cannot give messages or indicate or verify if a certain individual is in the library.

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Is my library account private?

Records maintained by any library funded in whole or in part by public funds, which contain information relating to the identity of a library user, relative to the user's use of books or other materials at the library, shall be confidential. Such records may only be released with the express written permission of the respective library user or as the result of a court order. Mississippi Code of 1972 SEC. 39-3-365

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Can I use my cell phone in the library?

As a courtesy to library patrons, please turn your ringer off or set your cell phone to vibrate while in the library. If you need to use your phone, please speak in a low voice and avoid conversation in quiet study areas and in the Computer Lab.

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What is the library policy concerning leaving children at the library?

Children under the age of 12 cannot be left at the library without the adult supervision of someone 18 years old or older. Parents/guardians are responsible for any damage to the library by children under 18 years of age.

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Is the use of tobacco allowed on the library premises?

No, tobacco is prohibited on city property.

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