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See the events scheduled at the Waynesboro Wayne County Library this month See the events scheduled at the Waynesboro Wayne County Library this month

Since 1934, the Waynesboro - Wayne County Library has been a center of activity in the community hosting several events, ranging from those sponsored by groups locally in our area, to welcoming special guests such as authors and presenters throughout the state.

To host such events, the library has a large meeting room that has been used for events as large as graduations. The library also has a smaller meeting room to accommodate smaller groups of fifteen to twenty people. If you are looking for a quieter place to study or for an area where a very small group of three to five can discuss a team project, our library provides a small study room perfectly suited for such occasions.

Over the years, the library has hosted several authors, such as Walt Grayson and Robert St. John, as well as several seminars to benefit the residents of Wayne County. To see if your organization's event can be held at the library, Please contact Patsy Brewer at 866.735.2268 today.

Latest Events at the Waynesboro-Wayne County Library

For more information, contact the library at (601)735-2268, or visit our facebook page.

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